Beard & Mustache Care Goods: is happy to offer some of the finest luxury male grooming items below for Beard Care, Mustache Care and general Facial Hair Grooming. We are happy to feature The Blades Grim luxury line of beard and mustache grooming goods.  The highly praised Smolder and Cinder scents and the scentless Snake Oil beard oils, mustache waxes and beard wash are truly amazing products. 

The Blades Grim crew has worked and researched for months to finalize these products and it shows. Beard care is extremely important and beard oil (beard oils) are a key ingredient to successful beard care.  They will make your beard shine and look classy, but they have another important effect as well. Hydrating your skin helps tame your beard hair by softening it. A flaky and dusty looking beard is unattractive and off-putting to the people that you want to impress. Beard grooming reveals more about yourself than you may want others to know, especially if you tend to neglect it. Paying attention to the condition of your skin is the best way to avoid flakiness, and it pays off in the healthy appearance of your beard.